Combatting isolation related loneliness


Over the past few weeks the U.S  has began to discourage from more and more social gatherings in an effort to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The recommendation  has been to limit socialization and practice social distancing. Some cities have taken even further precautions and initiated city wide quarantine where citizen should be homebound with exception of trip to grocery store, doctor, or pharmacy. As you can imagine many public gathering points such as bars, restaurants, theaters, and attractions have been closed to the public. All efforts to help keep the public safe are well rooted however, this newfound isolation can leave some feeling lonelier than usual. This can be especially difficult for elderly individuals who already battle loneliness in their everyday lives.

For the most part we are all social beings and crave human interaction along with the need to stay active and healthy. Individuals report the most internal happiness and satisfaction when they feel they are well connected, happy and busy. Therefore, if you have been feeling a little lonely throughout this joint effort to practice social isolation, you should note that you are not alone and your feelings are normal. Our goal is for you to remain as happy as possible as well al ban together to appropriately handle the current situation therefore we have compiled a list of recommendations to help you stay positive while at home:

Take a break from news

If you find yourself feeling especially anxious while watching countless hours of news coverage surrounding the Covid-19 outbreak, consider taking a break or limiting time spent listening to the news. Taking a break from the exact coverage that is making you feel uneasy could serve as a stress reliever and help eliminate negative thoughts and worries. News outlets can be a great sources of information to help us stay up to date and informed on events however, spending too much time on these platforms could lead to some unnecessary stress and panic for others. Resits the urge to spend countless hour researching the latest internet opinions as well. Limit your news intake to about once a day to ensure you are informed on the latest developments but ditch the countless hours .

Create a home office

If you are one of the many americans called to work from home and find yourself going a little stir crazy that’s okay! While you may be enjoying a more relaxed work environment you could also find yourself feeling unmotivated and missing your office pals. Consider sticking to your usual routine as much as possible to help combat this. Set an alarm, wakeup and shower, and change out of your pjs. Do get out of bed and conduct your work in a designated work area outside of your bedroom. Doing so will make a positive difference in your overall motivation and productivity.

Get Some exercise in

Sitting on your couch all day can leave the body feeling low and unenergized. Instead get up and move around as much as possible! Gyms may be closed but you can still practice some free weight exercises and range of motion ,to get your daily exercise in. As little as 3o minutes a day could be what you need for that extra energy boost and stress relief.

Use your downtime productively

Consider all the things that have been on your to-do- list for quite some time that continually get the backseat due to lack of time. Pull out that list and check off one if not all of those things on there! File your taxes, plan for your future long-term care, or create a budget sheet. You now have time and checking things off of that long list will leave you feeling satisfied and accomplished. Another alternative is consider picking up a new skill such as learning how to play an instrument, drawing, or coloring. Puzzles and journaling are another create creative outlet and stress relieving activity for you to try.

Lastly, remember that is its still safe to call and video chat with your friends and family. If your feeling a especially blue and lonely, give them a call! If you or someone you love is interested in Long Term Care or Long Term Care Insurance be sure to visit: LTC TREE for more information.