The Holiday season is upon us and we hope it is filled with warm and fun memories surrounded by your loved ones! The month of December can be plenty busy as it is filled with holiday parties, family gatherings, shopping and much more however, there are many who will still find time to give back this season . If you are looking for a good way to give back to your community you might consider dedicating some time to the elderly, as statistics show that many nursing home residents will spend the holidays without a single visit or gift.

You could also take some time to send a quick holiday card or even make a call to an elderly relative as it will be sure to brighten their day. If you wish to give back to a local nursing home you may simply go to your nearest home and ask which residents are usually alone on the holidays, with permission you could then organize something caring and thoughtful for that particular resident. Below are some ideas to involve the whole family and spread some holiday cheer while giving back to the elderly this year:

  • Bake cookies with your family to take to a local home

  • Have each family member adopt a senior to deliver an x-mas card to

  • Visit a senior in the month of December and take a special gift to him/her

  • Deliver a special meal to a senior during the month of December

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