Furnishing for the future?

Furnishing your space can add style, warmth, and functionality to your living quarters. Afterall, if you need somewhere to sleep, sit, and eat you might as well make selections you enjoy. The furniture shopping experience can vary for all. What some may find fun others may find dutiful however,  perhaps we can all agree that we tend to consider price and aesthetics when selecting our furniture, but what about our age? The truth is when selecting a piece of furniture, we don’t typically evaluate “will this be easy to sit in when I’m 70?” however, if you plan to age at home, you really should! Given that you have likely had many of your staple furnishings for years now and at the time of purchase you might not have considered the previous, this may mean it’ll be time for new furnishings soon. There are plenty of ideal and senior friendly furnishings to choose from that even feature many cool extras and we have compiled them here!

Long-term Care

If you have considered your future and how and where you would like to age, some ideas may come to mind. Perhaps you wish to retire in another state, live at home with an in home aide, senior community, etc.. If you are planning on aging at home you may want to start making sure your home is the ideal spot for such. Electing furniture that increases your mobility can be especially helpful here. You will also want to avoid furnishings that could become potentially hazardous and contribute to injuries or falls. You should opt for comfortable options that provide support and functionality. Check out these furnishings designed with seniors in mind. Some other general staple items to consider are:

  • Sit & stand recliner chairs– There are plenty of these chairs on the market that can completely bring you to a stand and sit with the touch of a remote
  • Adjustable beds– These beds can offer premium comfort and help ensure mobility in and out of bed through technology
  • Bathroom support accessories– Can help offer support in slippery environments
  • Flat shower- Getting in and out of tubs can result in various injuries for some, opt for flat or a transfer bench

Style & support

Your furniture should represent your own style but also offer the necessary support you will need to age safely at home. Your temporary Ikea couch may no longer get the job done and you should evaluate other options as needed. If you or someone you love is interested in Long Term Care Insurance be sure to visit: LTC TREE for more information.