Genworth recently released a series of short videos addressing various topics related to the Long Term Care Insurance industry, including an address to their distribution partners.

Genworth and Distribution Partners

Tom McInerney, President and CEO of Genworth Financial, reaffirmed the company’s commitment to the Long Term Care Insurance industry and their distribution partners involved in the process. He expressed hope that those partners are excited about the future of the industry as a core business of Genworth and recognizes the company’s long standing commitment to helping consumers get covered for long term care.

He highlighted Genworth’s viability, innovativeness, and expertise in the sector and wants partners to recognize these aspects and believe, as Genworth does, that they will help grow the industry and expand their role as a leader.

Grow Presence in Long Term Care Insurance Market

McInerney voiced that the Long Term Care Insurance provider will have product and service solutions that their distribution partners can use in business. They can utilize these solutions to create their own financial and retirement solutions for clients and help them plan for certain financial risks.

Long Term Care Insurance provides coverage for care received in a nursing home, assisted living facility, or through home health care. Though most companies in the industry experienced some financial turbulence the last few years, Genworth has no plans to exit the market and instead is interested in growing their presence and helping more consumers find policies that work for them by adjusting their business strategy. Read more about that here.