Things to Remember this Halloween

Halloween can be especially exciting for young children who enjoy dressing up in fun and spooky costumes while bouncing off the walls amidst a sugar rush however, it may not be as fun for your elderly neighbors. As this Halloween quickly approaches, it is important to remember that showing up at an elderly neighbors house dressed in costume and in a loud frenzy may cause anxiety for some, especially those seniors with limited mobility. While trick-or-treating this year please be considerate of all homes and keep in mind that it may take some seniors extra time to get to the door. If you would like to be especially considerate of your elderly neighbors this Halloween season, here is a list of steps you can take:

How to be a Mindful Trick-or-Treater

  • Only ring the doorbell of homes that are lit/decorated
  • Only ring once, if no one answers move on
  • Check on your elderly friends and family to ensure they feel at ease with Halloween 

Halloween Advice for the Elderly

  • Always look before opening the door
  • Take extra caution of late night/older trick-or-treaters 
  •  Do not feel obligated to open the door if you feel unsafe
  • If you’re feeling especially uneasy, invite a friend over for dinner


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