There are a variety of home automation tools available to us now which will automatically update and monitor the functioning of certain electronics in your home.  These tools can be especially helpful in the homes of elderly individuals as it may save them trips around the house, help with forgetfulness, or eliminate the need to focus their vision on fine prints. The best part is, these tools are fairly easy to install and even easier to utilize. While there exist hundreds of different kinds of home automation tools today, compiled below is a list of the top 7 we feel might improve a senior’s home.

1.Smart doorbell

A smart doorbell is a doorbell which sends real time alerts to your smart phone every time your doorbell rings. This allows seniors to stay seated and receive video input of who is ringing their doorbell before they decide whether or not to open the door. One of the most popular smart doorbells on the market right now is the Ring Doorbell which transmits both audio and video to your smartphone using a motion detection system.

2. Smart Lights 

Smart lightening is a great feature to have in a seniors home as it can ensure all passageways are well lit while also saving energy and money. These lightbulbs can be controlled via smart phone and  voice command. This function can also be on automatic time intervals and just as easy to install as your standard lightbulb.

3. Automated medication dispenser

These dispensers help ensure you never miss a pill as they will dispense your pills at the appropriate time and send an alert to you or a loved one’s phone. These dispensers can also provide your physician with detailed medication history.

4. Automated stove power off

This tool is great for all of us who cannot remember whether or not we remembered to turn off the stove before we left the house. This tool allows you to set your stove on a timed automatic shutoff time frame such as 40 mins. This can help protect against serious home damage all while providing peace of mind

5.Key Finders

This automation allows you to attach a tracker to objects you often misplace. This will send a signal to your smartphone or tablet to help you locate your misplaced object within your home.

6. Health Sensory Monitor

These wearable monitors will track your vitals and send real time updates to a carer or physician.

7. Smart Refrigerator

Smart refrigerators will keep a live inventory of all of the items in your refrigerator and compile a grocery list of all the items you are running low on. This refrigerator will then send your grocery list to your phone to be sent off for delivery at your nearby grocery door. This feature has just eliminated the hassle of grocery shopping while living alone.

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