Are you planning on getting together with mom and dad for the holidays? Perhaps, you are also thinking this may be a good time to broach the subject of long-term care but are left feeling uneasy on how that conversation may go. Do not worry as you are not the only adult reluctant to discuss the subject with their elderly parents. For years and years we grew up calling on mom and dad for advise on both life and finances, so naturally it can be feel a bit strange when those roles are revered. It may feel odd at first but it is extremely important to initiate these kinds of conversations with your adult parents. When it comes to planning their future you should ask various questions to ensure you parents are best prepared. These questions should surround important topics such as retirement, you may also ask if they have existing plans or current needs for long-term care.

Taking the time to sit down and have these conversations now can be extremely beneficial to both your parents and yourself now and in the future. There are many serious matters to consider regarding  legal, medical, and financial questions that come along with aging.  The subject of long-term care requires extensive research alone and including your parent in the decision making process might make for an easier transitions for all.

It is is important to note that these conversations can spark different emotions in all and it is important to approach the subject with a sense of ease and care. You may broach the subject by asking for advice on your own long-term care plans regarding matters like long-term care insurance.Once all are on board with discussing the subject you may ask questions like: Would they prefer in home care or opt for a nursing home instead? This is also a good time to discuss an device back up plans for if their original plans should fail. It is likely that all will leave the conversation feeling better prepared for the future.

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