Entertainment in the form of a new or familiar film can be an enjoyable pastime for all. Sitting back and relaxing all while having your mind stimulated by a film for a couple of hours can be a great way to unwind and form positive memories. So much so that, we can all still recall certain films from our past that have become favorites and embedded through an emotional connection within our memories. This is why movies or films can serve as an effective memory care treatment for seniors experiencing memory loss. Most effective, are those films from a previous or impactful decade in the senior’s life, as they are able and more likely to inspire nostalgia within the senior.

Classic or older films tend to encourage emotional connections from the past thus, sometimes helping recover lost or old memories. The act of watching these films in a group setting can also help encourage a positive socialization experience, a task which can become increasingly difficult in patients with memory loss. Another added benefit, is that social activities can actually help slow down future memory loss, as they provides individuals with a sense of belonging all while improving focus throughout conversational interactions. This is why hosting a movie night for your senior may be a fun and price effective way to help them combat some memory loss, all while providing a fun stimulation and entertainment experience for all.

When selecting which film to view, consider your senior’s overall taste in film and try to avoid any films with extensive violence or tragedy, as this could inspire negative memories or feelings within the senior. If you need help making a selection, check out a classic films list like this one from Rotten Tomatoes. Once you have agreed upon a selection, grab some popcorn, friends, and enjoy!

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