The Early Riser

There are many benefits associated with waking up early or being an “early riser”. Countless successful individuals have reported on being early risers themselves with much of their tasks accomplished early into the day. With not many others awake at 5 A.M, this can be a great time for some calm and peaceful preparation for the rest of your day! However, for some waking up before 8:00 A.M sounds painful. In fact, some of us are actually genetically predisposed to sleeping later. If this is you, yet you’ve always wanted to become an early riser, do not fret as you can learn just how to do so! Listed below is tips on how become an early riser;

Start Gradually

It might take some time for your body to adjust to your newfound schedule which is why it’s important to start off slow to avoid extreme exhaustion. We would not recommend starting off cold turkey and shocking your sleep schedule by up to 3 hours. Instead try 20 minutes earlier a day. If your usual rise time is 8 am try 7:40 am and 7:20 the following day. Continue to cut your sleep time back by 20 minute intervals until you have reached your desired wakeup time.

Go to Sleep Earlier

Many late risers tend to be night owls meaning they are likely accustomed to staying up in the later hours of the day thus needing more sleep in the mornings. Setting an earlier bedtime for yourself will help your body adjust to  new sleep cycle with features earlier morning. You want to ensure you are receiving a proper amount of sleep each night so that rising early can become a natural and pleasant part of your routine. Once you have set a new bedtime stick to it. Even if you are not sleepy when your bedtime rolls around, get in bed anyways and eliminate screen time and tv watching. You might be surprised by how fast you fall asleep.

Make a Plan

Setting a plan for your morning routine can help motivate you to actually get out of bed in the mornings. Set goals the night before for what you would like your morning routine to look like and execute! Some individuals use this time to get in some exercise, mediate, journal or run errands, all before work even starts.

Avoid the Snooze Button

If your like me you may be notorious for hitting the snooze button on your phone and getting some extra sleep. A great way to help avoid this is by setting your alarm on an actual alarm clock and setting that alarm away from your bed and out of arms reach. Doing so will make it necessary for you to get out of bed just to turn that annoying buzzing off. Once you’re already up it’ll be much easier to stay up.

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