The older we get there tends to be more challenges that we will face everyday. Our bodies begin to weaken, our hearing slowly fades, and we might even need assistance with our daily functions.

Your loved ones can sometimes tend to feel overwhelmed with seeing their aging parents struggling with these challenges. If the older adult is not currently living in some type of home or community family members will make sure that their home is safe and comfortable for their loved one to live in. Keeping your loved one safe in their home will sometimes mean that you will need to make changes to help ensure the proper care and safety is provided for them.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention one in four seniors over the age of 65 will fall in their own home. Elders who fall will often break a bone, wrist, ankle, or arm. They can even fall and hit their head which is highly common and can be life threatening to the brain if it gets injured.

Helping the senior in your life prepare their home is highly important. Making sure that there is enough room to move around the house, moving things to an easier location for reach, and even adding hand rails. This will help insure the proper safety and lower the risk for your loved one hurting themselves.

Here are some ideas/tips to help keep your loved one safe in their home:

-Try adding a bench in the foyer or hallway so that when they enter or leave the house they have a proper place to put on their shoes without falling.

-If there are any rugs in the house make sure that they have the nonslip grips under neath them.

-The bathroom can be extremely hazardous try adding a hand rail in the shower for extra help getting in and out

-Toilets can tend to be very low to the ground for many seniors. You can buy higher toilets that make it easier to get on and off of.

-Remove any clutter in bedrooms, kitchen, or hallways to allow enough room to walk around.

-Adding night lights in all the rooms and hallways can make it easier to navigate around at night

-If your loved one has stairs in their home and has a hard time walking up and down them consider buying a stair lift that allows them to safely get up and down the stairs without falling

Making these proper changes to accommodate your loved one’s safety can help them live a healthy and longer life. It takes some time and preparation but it is well worth making sure they are safe and taken care of.