Safe Social Distancing

In effort to come together to combat Covid-19 , a viral pandemic which is especially damaging to the elderly population, many cities and counties have put in place social distancing guidelines.  Other have enacted curfews, shelter in place, and even quarantine guidelines. With the varying whirlwind of recommendations on how to proceed, many individuals are left feeling slightly confused on how to best prevent further infections. Media, articles, and friends offer many varying takes on how to practice safe social distancing. The results have been a continuous steady incline in infection rates here in the U.S.. This has led to an extension in social distancing guidelines through the month of April as directed by President Trump. The goal is to minimize the infection rate as well as the negative effects of Covid-19 on the U.S population. While we are all working together to play our part we have also found that many individuals are currently out of work due to business closures and many businesses are failing due to industry disruptions caused by Covid-19. Many Individuals are also hesitant on whether or not they are social distancing effectively.  Some have decided to stay indoors through-ought this whole pandemic and others have decided it’s still okay to proceed outdoors in groupings under 10. So which is it?

As recommended by the White House and supported by the CDC, we are currently advised to practice a 15 day(or longer) pause in an effort to slow the rapid spread of Covid-19. We know that during this time we should practice the routine disinfecting of facilities, households,  and all surfaces. We also know we should practice routine hand washing and avoid face touching. All schools and universities have shifted to online learning methods until further notice. Non essential businesses have enacted a work from home policy for all workers and those unable to do so have shut their doors. There has also been an emphasis on maintaining at least 6 feet of distance from one another. Recommendations also include a self quarantine for those who are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 or those who may have been exposed to the virus.Mass gatherings locations such as bars, restaurants, and concert venues have all been suspended however, individuals are wondering if it is still safe to congregate amongst each other in small groups? Here is some advice on how to conduct safe social distancing as offered by the NPR ;

Can I get carryout from restaurants and bars?

Yes however, the CDC recommends all dining facilities proceed as drive through, delivery, or carry out only. Some doctors also recommended transferring food new containers and disposing of the original containers once home and before consuming.

Can I visit my elderly family if I am not sick?

Not recommended. The federal government is urging all individuals to stay away from nursing homes and other facilities housing this at risk population. Additional studies have also revealed that many patients can be asymptomatic while infected with the Covid-19 meaning your loved ones are still at risk at contracting the virus from you even if you are showing no symptoms.

Are Play Dates allowed?

Not recommended. Many parents are now working from home with their children also now learning from home. Many parents are also looking for safe options to keep the kids entertained. Play dates with other children  can increase your households risk for contacting the virus as it can possibly expose you to those with the virus.

Can I have Adults over?

Not recommended. The CDC recommends avoiding all social visits for now. Limiting person to person interactions outside of your own home is best for now.

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