long term careSetting & Keeping

Setting new goals can help set a positive tone for your upcoming days however, setting goals is the easy part and it’s keeping those goals that can become a challenge. How many times have you ventured off with a brand new shiny idea to suddenly, eat better, save more, run a marathon, or even just make your bed every morning? Now how many times have you actually stuck to or even started these goals? Although you may have witnessed first hand that despite your genuine intentions, starting and finishing those goas  is easier said than done however, it does not have to stay that way! Changing your habits and lifestyle and starting new ones can be difficult. The key to setting and executing your goals lies in the way you do it. When taking on new goals you should make sure you do so in realistic way that works for you. If you have never exercised a day in your life it is unlikely that tomorrow you will wake up and become the newest top marathon runner. Although you could and here’s how:

Set Realistic Goals

Setting realistic goals is crucial to your ability to continue on your journey without giving up or becoming discouraged. Start small and increase upon those small goals until you reach your overall end goal. If your goal is to lose weight break that down into small feasible goals that will help you achieve this realistically. For example, set a goal of walking for thirty minutes the very next morning and once you complete that goal, set a new one. For example if you know you’re working late tomorrow but off the next day set a goal to walk to lunch and run again the next day.

Write it Down

Writing down your goals whether on paper or on your phone can help you form clear goals and strengthen your intentions. Additionally, checking off these goals as you go can provide a positive reinforcement for this behavior. You’re not going to lose the 30lbs immediately therefore, everyday until then can seem like you’re not reaching your goal. By checking off your smaller goals toward the big one, you are reminding yourself you are in fact making progress. You can even add reminders or words of encouragement for yourself along your journey.

Take a Mental Break

Both a literal and physical break in between your goals can be beneficial to your overall goal. If you know its okay to take a break you will be less likely to quit or give up. Many individuals decide to quit on their new goals when they feel they have failed. We mess up once, eat off track, overspend again, or skip our run one day and we label it as fail and quit all together. Once you give yourself permission to “mess up” you don’t feel as guilty or the need to quit. Set goals and stay on track but once you feel yourself waning allow yourself a day to de-load and then hop back on. When adding a goal to your lifestyle especially one that includes a great day of discipline you need to take a break every now and then or it will become neither enjoyable, realistic, or maintainable.

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