As your parents grow older life continues to change and they continue to age. You probably have found yourself wondering about their future and what help they will need as they continue to age. Are you worried that your parents aren’t thinking about their future like you are? We’ve listed below some prompts or materials to help bring up the conversation or to just get the ball rolling for everyone involved.

The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently projected that by 2020 over 12 million elders will need Long Term Care. Not many people like to think about aging or needing some type of personal care to help them with daily activities. It can be overwhelming if you are trying to support your parents, yourself, and children. The best way to start preparing your parents for long term care could be printing out materials, setting up short goals, asking questions or even talking about someone who is going through the process of needing long term care.

Once you have opened up the conversation with your parents on the topic of long term care it’s time to start planning financially, medically, and legally. It’s important to remind them that they are in control of their future and that it is their decision. Find out what solutions help them to maximize their independence the most.