As we age it becomes more inevitable that we will need some type of help with daily activities. While most do not suffer from a cognitive decline our bodies will eventually start to weaken which causes us to need help with physical activities.

A lot of people think that they will never need any time of Long Term Care or will push it off until it’s too late. When looking for signs for a family member or a loved one there are certain things to look for. Keep in mind that they may not believe that they need the help or that they do not want to be a burden to you and push it off.

One possibility is if someone is experience personality changes. Heavy mood swings or isolating themselves away from the family are not normal. Be sure to watch for any changes in how they normally would behave or if they are acting different from who they normally are often.

Another possible sign that a loved one may need Long term care is clutter or hoarding. If their home has become excessively cluttered or messy this can be a possible sign of cognitive decline or behavioral changes.

If your loved one is having excessive weight loss or gain or having poor hygiene both of these issues need attention. It’s important to watch for these signs and take care of our health and our loved ones. Ask and talk about these issues because sometimes loved ones can be too embarrassed or in denial that they are suffering with these issues or conditions.