How to vote

This year there are many methods for voting and each specific guideline may vary depending upon your particular state or county. While some states offer early voting, Election day is Tuesday November 3rd, 2020. Some states participated in early voting, absentee ballots, as well as in person votes before and after election day. The key to making sure your vote counts is to follow the proper guidelines for your county’s form of voting. You may also ask your local election officials for help and details on how and where to vote. If you are unsure where to vote your best bet would be to visit your local voting poll. If you have filled out an absentee ballot but have not yet mailed it in, you may also have the option to drop off in person or via a collection dropbox at your county’s local registrar.

Can Someone else Turn in my Ballot?

If you are a senior citizen how has filled out an absentee ballot but are unsure on how to return it, visit your county’s local voting page for further instructions as your options may vary. If you are disabled or unable to visit your local voting poll, you should note that there are other options available to you. Additionally, if you are unable to personally drop off your ballot many states will allow for a designated person to drop off your ballot for you. Whether or not your state allows this as well as who your state will allow to do so may vary, click here for more details. Depending on how and where you are voting, your options may differ and you should note that LTC does not offer legal advice on how to vote. For more info on how to vote via the following ways click below:

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