The nation’s first publicly-funded Long Term Care Insurance program may soon be approved.  The Long Term Care Trust Act if passes through the Senate and onto a law will have Washington workers pay into a trust that eventually would allow them to receive benefits.

The Long Term Care Trust Act would provide a maximum benefit of $36,500 for people in need of assistance with three activities that they are no longer able to do on their own. These activities include bathing, transportation, putting on clothes, eating or preparing meals and using the restroom. The program would be funded by payroll tax. A percentage of wages would be taken out of their payroll and go into a trust fund so it could not be touched or used on other programs.

Residents in State would qualify for benefits by working at least part time over “the past 10 years without interruption of five or more consecutive years,” or worked three out of six of the past years. Then the state would start paying out benefits in 2025.

Overall the state would pay benefits for the most part to the service providers such as: assisted living facilities, adult day care centers, nursing homes, or home care providers. Insurance would cover support like home modifications. Family members who are caregivers that take state mandated training could qualify for compensation.

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