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Day in and day out we expend copious amounts of energy from which our body pulls fuels from using the carbohydrates we consume. Have you ever wondered what would begin to happen in the absence of those carbs? It’s simple, if you were to limit your carbohydrate intake your body would then begin to pull stored carbs from your liver however once depleted, your body would actually start burning through your fat intake as a fuel source. This is the main concept between the highly popular Ketogenic diet, which restricts carbs and encourages high consumption of fats in order to replace carbs for fat as the main energy source of the body. This diet involves reducing carb consumption to less then 10 percent of your daily diet and increasing fat intake to about 80 percent, leaving the remaining 10-20 for protein. This diet has proven to significantly reduce cravings as well as encourage significant weight loss, the question is, is this diet safe for seniors?

The keto diet is known to produce an initial fogginess known as the “Keto flu” as your body begins to adjust to the lack of carbs and sugar it is normally accustomed to. During this “flu” period, you are likely to experience decreased energy and other side effects for a couple of days however, with your doctors approval it is safe to incorporate this diet. In fact, this diet is even recommended by some medical professionals in order to treat certain condition such as diabetes and even epilepsy. The keto diet is also linked to increased bone health as it is low in toxins which helps promote the absorption of micronutrients. Furthermore, some studies have identified a connection between poor blood sugar and diseases such as Alzheimers and dementia, as high sugar diets along with lack of proper fat intake can contribute to these mental disorders. In conclusion, after consulting with your doctor or physician regarding your specific dietary needs, the keto diet should be a safe and effective diet for most seniors and could lead to some benefits in health.

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