Kidneys & The Brain

New study suggests that kidney decline in those as early as their 30’s may be an indicator for future cognitive decline. In fact, Sanaz Sedaghat, from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine found that, younger individuals with kidney decline did perform poorly on a cognitive test up to 20 years later. This study included over 2,600 individuals with a group average age of 35  and ran for a duration of 20 years. Urine and blood tests were administered in 5 years increments to test for likeliness of kidney problems or failure.

Decreased Memory

All individuals were assigned to one of three groups classified as no kidney failure, one episode of kidney failure, and more than one episode of kidney failure. All participants were given thinking and memory tests concluding the twenty year period. Out of 2,600 individuals, 427 experienced more than one kidney failure episode. These individuals also scored four times lower on the thinking and memory tests administered to them. This evidence suggest that even minimal kidney damage suffered past 30, can leave lasting negative effects on your brain as well. Additionally, this could also  signal that protecting your kidney health in your youth may also serve as preventive measure for memory loss.

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