According to CNN over 5 million people have to take care of a loved one from far away or in a different state. Many challenges and responsibilities come with helping a loved one from long distance. Luckily there are plenty of resources to eliminate any stress or worry that comes with being far away.

One of the best resources is technology. There are plenty of apps that elders can download to their smartphone that can help them with everyday tasks. Apps like Pillboxie or MedCoach can set up alerts and reminders on when to refill medications, or when to take them. Another great app that brings you together from far away is Skype. Video chatting is a great way to have face to face connection with your loved one.

U.S. News talks about new technology that fits in your shoe. It’s a GPS tracker for elders who suffer from Alzheimer’s that fits in the sole of their shoe to help if they get lost. Also if a senior is no longer able to drive they can use services such as Uber or Lyft.

It’s important to stay organized and take precautions while being long distance from your loved one. Have things prepared and organized like documents or any important information. Basic contact information, banking information, health insurance, legal documents, and lists of medications are all things you should have just in case.