Long term care provides a full range of services and medical support. Long term care is ideal for someone over the age of 65. When purchasing though you can start looking around 50s. Statistics have shown that around 50% of elders who are 75 or older will need some type of long term care.

Long term care can be permanent or temporary. It all comes down to the reason for needing the care. Below are the different examples from Senior Living of the options you have for both temporary and permanent care.

Temporary care:

This can include care or services for months or just weeks.

  • Rehabilitation after a hospital stay
  • Rehabilitation after a surgical procedure
  • Recovery from an injury or illness
  • End of life medical services

Permanent care: 

This can include care that is ongoing or for months to years.

  • Permanent disabilities
  • Chronic severe pain
  • Chronic medical conditions
  • Need for supervision
  • Need for assistance with activities of daily living
  • Cognitive impairment such as that caused by brain injury, Alzheimer’s or dementia

The reason that determine whether you will need Temporary or Permanent care depend on the condition. Age, lifestyle, and family history with health all factor in to the increase of needing some type of Long Term Care.