The northernmost in New England, Maine is unlike any other state in the country. The coastline is characterized  by jagged rocks and un-walkable terrain. Maine is also the number one exporters on blueberries in the country, a little known fact about the state usually associated with crab and lobster. The dense forests, mountains, and rivers throughout Maine make it a perfect place for outdoor adventures like hiking, camping, and fishing. The summers are warm and humid across the state, but winters are severely cold and snowy. More than 16% of this rugged state’s population is over the age of 65. These seniors and other Baby Boomers are beginning to encounter the high cost of long term care and are looking for solutions.


Maine’s Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Program allows residents to protect their assets and still receive quality long term care. The program was effected in 2009 and has spread across the state, especially to the highly insured cities like Portland.