Utah lies in the West and provides residents with scenic views in nearly every corner of the state, from desert valleys to dense forests. The semi-arid climate leads to extreme temperatures during the various seasons; however, Utah, unlike most of the midwest, is spared from frequent thunderstorms. The economy relies largely on tourism and the people in Utah are some of the healthiest in the country according to various reports.  Utah is frequently named as one of the best states to live in according to Gallup polls, and Forbes recently named it as one of the best states for business. Long term care, however, is still a concern for many who are not sure how to pay for the high costs.

The state of Utah provides a Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Program for its residents, though, which helps them save for their long term care via an insurance policy that has a potential Medicaid spend down waiver granted by the state. These partnerships are growing in popularity across the country, as people prepare to fund their future long term care.