Long Term Care Insurance policy trends are emerging across the industry.  The insurers are recognizing that when it comes to Long Term Care Insurance policy design, one size does not fit all when the personal preferences, financial situation and other factors are taken into account.  In order to make smart, retirement-planning decisions with regards to your Long Term Care Insurance policy, you’ll need to know what’s possible but also what will work for you and your family in preparing for you, and your spouse’s, future, long-term care needs.

Long Term Care Insurance policy trendsLong Term Care Insurance Policy

A recent survey of policy components that are most often included in a Long Term Care Insurance policy can assist in revealing the key insights into what works for best for most people in long-term care benefits and services.  Here are some figures against which Long Term Care Insurance policy benefits and features are most-commonly used to help you understand what your options are in thinking about smart, retirement planning.

% of policies issued with the following…

Benefit Types
Daily reimbursement – 60%
Monthly reimbursement – 26%

Benefit Period
6 years – 11%
5 years – 22%
4 years – 13%
3 years – 22%

Covered Partner Riders
Premium waiver for covered partner rider – 49%
Shared care rider – 23%

Inflation Protection
5% compound inflation protection rider – 37%
3% compound inflation protection rider – 43%

Elimination Period Calculation
Service day – 66%

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