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Your Cells Leak Too

Your lymphatic system is responsible for collecting and expelling excess liquids as well as fluid seepage from cells which can otherwise build up and result in swelling. The lymphatic system works hard to expel nasty liquids as well as filter through your bacteria and pathogens before returning them into your bloodstream. All together this system helps reduce inflammation, fight off infections, as well as promote healthy digestion. One thing to note is that your lymphatic system does not have a central system managing it the way your heart or circulatory system do therefore, it’s up to you to keep it moving. How can you do so? By manually squeezing or massaging your skin tissue and exercising too!

Lymphatic Massage

Manual lymphatic drainage also known as lymphatic massages are great catalyst for stimulating lymphatic movement. Not only can excess fluids cause swelling in your body but they can also result in a dull and puffy complexion as well. Many beauty and wellness studios have begun offering these massages and more recently, jade facial rollers have become an increasingly popular at home beauty skincare tool. More and more individuals are becoming aware of lymphatic health and its overall importance and benefit to the body.


Another more conventional way to promote lymphatic health is through regular exercise! All muscle contractions will stimulate your lymphatic system and movement overall, helps deter the body from stagnation. Even more specifically, both water and rebounding workouts (trampoline) tend to stimulate the lymphatic system most. In fact, new trends predict that just as you’ve already seen a rise in beauty tools targeting lymphatic health, a rise in fitness classes targeting such will also follow!

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