Measles virus is a highly contagious virus which still exists today, the virus can be breathed in when an infected individual coughs, talks, or even breathes. This virus is airborne, meaning an individual can become infected/ spread the virus by simply standing in the same room as an infected person. Although, the measles were declared eradicated from the United Sates back in the 2000’s, the virus is still present around the world therefore, unvaccinated individuals are susceptible. Many U.S cases of measles can be traced back to international travel where an individual has picked up the virus and brought it back home.

Although not common, there were still a handful of confirmed cases of measles throughout the United States. Just last year New York City reported a measles outbreak and just as recently as this 2019 over halloween weekend, a case of measles was also confirmed in Georgia. Measles can be especially debilitating to older adults, as it is more likely to result in complications and even death.

Measles can be spread up to four days before any visible bumps appear on the skin and all the way through, until the bumps have completely healed over. Some symptoms include runny nose, cough, fever, rash, and red watery eyes. If you suspect you may have come in contact with the virus, it is best you call your healthcare provider and go over your symptoms immediately. Talk to your doctor about what vaccines are available to you to in order to best protect yourself against measles.

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