Recently at Boston University Robert Reinhart and team have found that electrical stimulation of the human brain is able to improve memory for seniors in their 60’s. The part of the brain that is able to improve is where short-term memory functions are.


The results of this study were showing that seniors in their 60’s were showing results equal to volunteers that were 40 years younger than them. The study is bringing these seniors memory back and it’s functioning about the same as when they were younger. With rapid age growth seniors struggle with memory functions in their many daily activities.

The research measured the brainwaves with electroencephalography (EEG) which stimulated their brains with an electrical current. The alternating frequency was able to match the persons brainwave. It took 25 minutes for the total stimulation for the participant. During the 25 minutes of the the older participants that were in their 60’s had many improvements. Their speed and accuracy performance was equivalent to someone in their 20’s. When the currents were switched off improvements lasted around for an hour after.

Dr. Reinhart and team believe that this type of electrical stimulation treatment on the brain could help with brain diseases like Alzheimer’s. This could possible allow improvement on people’s thinking and overall memory.

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