Mississippi lies deep in the South and its eastern border is defined by its namesake, the Mississippi River, the chief river of the largest drainage system in North America. The state is mainly lowlands and has a number of other major rivers, many of which run off the coast and into the Gulf of Mexico to the South. The climate provides long summers and short, mild winters, and is known for occasional tornadoes. Famous for the blues and producing The King of Rock N’ Roll Elvis Presley, Mississippi is a unique cultural mecca of the South. The state has a few major cities, but is still mainly rural, with lots of small towns. Biloxi is one of the largest cities in the state and is well known for its numerous resort hotels and casinos that attract tourists and provides residents with an opportunity that many states do not enjoy. Though Mississippi long term care costs are relatively low compared to some other states, residents still need to plan ahead to secure their financial futures and prepare for their potential health needs.


Mississippi residents have a number of great Long Term Care Insurance companies to choose from that can help protect their assets and create a pool of benefits for their future health needs.