When the unexpected

When suddenly in need of long-term care with no previous intentions of needing care, family members will often become makeshift caregivers. Holding the responsibility of caregiver for a loved one or family member comes with a great deal of responsibility. When assuming the role of caregiver you become essential in assisting with activities such as dressing, bathing, eating, exercising, and housecleaning. Caregivers are essential personnel in the daily care of another individual and their health however even so, recent polls and studies have shown that caregivers while taking care of the health of others and neglecting to take care of their own health.

Caregivers are neglecting self

According to the Associated Press-NOR Center for Public Affairs, a third of caregivers are not taking care of their personal or dental health. This behavior included skipping checkups, visits, or even postponing health treatments for themselves. Another surprising revelation is that many caregivers were observed to neglect doctor visits or medicine relating to their own illnesses. Yet caregivers are often those responsible for taking their patients or loved one to and from the doctor on a regular basis and usually do so successfully. Another poll recorded that only a quarter of caregivers are vocal regarding the impacts that caregiving may have on their own individual health.

How to plan

This info is concerning given that over forty percent of Americans act and will act as caregivers for their loved ones and family members. It is likely that the unexpected commitment of caring for a loved one can place a lot of stress on individuals, causing them to neglect themselves due to lack of time or other factors. Given an increasing life expectancy and longer and aging population it is expected that more and more elderly individuals will be in need of long-term care. Lack of planning can lead to family members having to render this care. If this is a concern for you or you need help planning for you future care, you may consider long -term Care insurance. Long-term care insurance can help you afford many different options for care including properly compensating and caring for a loved one who renders your care.

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