A button-free tablet designed specifically for seniors was recently introduced by a healthcare company. The tablet is meant to help users manage their health regimen and keep in contact with family members.

Interface and Communication

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The Claris Companion – photo provided by Claris Healthcare

Claris Healthcare released the tablet last month and has begun sales in their online market. The tablet features a simple user interface, a button-free design, and the device comes completely configured. Purchasers must create an account before buying the tablet, in order to have device set-up completed before it is shipped. For many seniors who typically

Paul Sharman, chief operating officer of Claris Healthcare, explained , “that easy-to-use technology hasn’t been accessible to many seniors before.”

The Companion looks like your typical tablet, just with a cover on it: it has a 10 inch touchscreen and a bamboo-like cover. The tablet fits into a magnetic charging station and includes speakers.

“We had to design this as something that would sit on mom’s counter and not look out of place,” Geof Auchinleck, CEO of Claris Healthcare said.

Worth the Cost?

Like many tablets, the Claris Companion has two connectivity options to choose from upon purchasing: Wi-Fi and 4G. The Companion with Wi-Fi sells for $549 plus a $39-a-month subscription fee and the 4G model sells for $649 plus a $49-a-month subscription fee.

Although the cost may seem astronomical for seniors on a budget, the Claris CEO explained that the Companion is actually being marketed towards the family members of seniors, like children and grandchildren, who want to ensure their loved one is safe without being intrusive.

The Companion seems to provide that capability, as it will alert designated contacts whether or not the user completed his or her health regimen for the day. The tablet also includes text messaging, email, photo sharing, and video sharing is set to be included soon, as well.

Young Woman and Grandmother Using Tablet ComputerEvolving Technology

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