USA Today released an article about a new trend of insurance providers offering discounted technology when you purchase a policy. They specifically referenced John Hancock, offering Apple Watches for $25 when you enroll in a life insurance policy. Under the stipulation that you exercise regularly for two years, then you can keep the device, and if not you will be required to pay for the watch in installments. That’s a hefty price to pay if you don’t meet your exercise goal. Apple Watches can run from around $300 and up.

They said that Apple has started to partner with insurance providers to increase sales while the insurance companies can use this as an incentive to purchase a policy while able to monitor if their client is remaining active and healthy.

According to the article, it is only bringing in about 5% of Apples sales currently, they expect that it will increase drastically. Insurance companies know that this is something that will appeal to new customers. However, if you don’t meet your workout goal, you could end up paying for the watch on top of your policy.

This trend will most likely continue throughout the insurance companies, just as FitBit did. While, it is good to be active and healthy, many have criticized this tactic. Specifically for people who have multiple jobs or new moms, they are less likely to meet their goal.

The companies have assured the critics, they are completely transparent with their customers and they know exactly what they signed up for.

Seeing as Apple is already meeting with other large insurance companies, like Aetna, we will see how this effects the sales for Apple and the purchasing of new policies from insurance companies.