The Waveny LifeCare Network celebrated their third year of Oktoberfest. Since they were not able to take their seniors to Germany what better way than to bring Germany to them! They celebrated things like Oktoberfest history, German music, and all the delicious German foods.

The main colors of Oktoberfest are blue and white.  (A lot of nursing homes are decorating and celebrating this!) Usually Oktoberfest starts in September but Americans like to start celebrate in October. Not only did they decorate with Autumn and Fall decor around the nursing home, but also put up blue and white balloons with ribbons. Of course you can’t celebrate Oktoberfest without beer. Nursing homes provided a few different options to help celebrate one of he biggest beer drinking holidays. They used German beer, non alcoholic beer, and even root beer for the seniors who do not drink.

It is tradition to have jumbo pretzels with Oktoberfest. Nursing homes provided jumbo pretzels with cheese, mustard, chocolate sauce, and even peanut butter for the seniors. They also had activities such as making the jumbo pretzel necklaces that they would wear around and eat while celebrating. Music is a huge part of Oktoberfest. Music that is danced to and played is typically Germans old folk songs. The dances are also German inspired.