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You hear it all the time or perhaps you even say it all the time, “back in my day“….this term is usually spoken when outlining the differences between todays normal and the past normal. It’s no secret we change with the times, we have adapted new fashion (although often recycled), new technology, and even new social norms, so just how different was “back in your day“? Well if you look back to even just the 60’s and how kids were raised back then you might say, pretty different!! Perhaps, the biggest difference between then and now in regards to children, is the level of caution and safety applied between parents. Don’t get me wrong both 60’s children and children now appear to be alive and well however, parents in 2019 are slightly safety obsessed and for good reason. We have smarter cars, phones, monitors, and new research that allow and prompt us to be safer. Compiled below is a list of five common parent practices from the 60’s that would make todays new parents cringe:


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1.Smoking while pregnant

Yup I’m sure many of you are likely gasping in shock. Nope it’s not that mothers back then wished harm upon their babies however, there was nowhere near as much knowledge on the negative effects of smoking while pregnant as there is now. It was not as taboo to witness a pregnant mother smoking or smoking around a baby in general.


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2. No carseats/seatbelt

Thats right, it was fairly common for the kiddos to ride in the front seat of mom or dad’s convertible with out a booster seat or seatbelt. Not to mentions cars didn’t have nearly as many safety features as they do now.


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3. Children walking home alone

It was very common for children to walk to and from school every day as well as, arrive home to an empty home and await for mom and dad to return.

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4. Getting in the car with strangers

Today we wouldn’t dream of hopping into a car with a stranger, unless its our Uber driver of course. Back in the day catching a ride with a random driver or hitchhiking was a common mode of transportation.

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5. Sugar in everything

Back then sugar was in just about everything from “healthy cereals” to family dinners, sugar was allowed and encouraged! While many parents today are conscious about limiting their children’s sugar intake and shopping for organic foods, this was not the case back in the 60’s. Mom made sure sugary snacks and tasty treats were on hand at all times for the kiddos.


These are just a few of common parent practices from the 1960’s that are now considered parenting taboos.

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