New York state, located in the Northeastern US, is the 3rd most populous state in the nation, with more than 19.5 million residents. Of those New Yorkers, more than 8.3 million live in New York City, one of the most highly visited cities in the country, famous for its extreme diversity in residents, food, and shopping. The state is home to a number of famous state parks and monuments like the Statue of Liberty. New York also has one of the most extensive transportation systems in the country, making it easy to travel across the state quickly. New Yorkers face a rather large issue, however, when it comes to long term care. With some of the highest costs in the country, long term care in New York is a situation that requires careful financial planning.

The New York Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Program was started to give New Yorkers a way to protect their assets from the cost of long term care with insurance, to guarantee they receive high quality care in the state.