Clean teeth, Clean Health

With over 1.4 million residents living in some type of long term care facilities the need for daily and annual oral health services are crucial. Ensuring that proper oral health practices are carried out within these facilities can be crucial to the quality of health for these residents. Certain practices can help prevent tissues such as gum disease, dirty dentures, or other impurities and complications. Aside from giving you a beautiful smile, taking proper care of your teeth does so much more for your overall health. Your oral health does directly impact your lifespan, heart health, and many other health factors.

In fact, countless studies have shown that improper oral health care can lead to heart disease, dementia, diabetes and respiratory infections. This is why it is important that seniors have access to this type of care, especially those within long-term care facilities who require the extra help with these practices. Bacteria that causes gum disease can build up plaque in the arteries causing them to harden which is a condition known as atherosclerosis. This condition can be potentially life threatening as it tends to lead to problems that cause blockage to the heart which can lead to a heart attack.

Poor oral Health Poor on the Heart

Another potentially fatal condition that can result from poor oral hygiene is Endocarditis. This is an infection that happens to the heart lining which not only affects the heart but the brain as well. This occurs when bacteria is released into the bloodstream due to gums that have been inflamed. The bacteria can travel to the brain and can kill brain cells which can lead to memory loss and possible dementia. It’s beyond important to make sure that wherever you or your loved one is receiving long term care services from provides proper oral hygiene routines. These practices can help ensure that these conditions are avoided when possible.

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