A leading Cause

Arthritis is the leading cause of disability worldwide and has more than one form. Arthritis is actually an informal way to refer to various forms of joint pains or diseases and can effect people of all demographics. Arthritis is most prevalent amongst women and the aging population as symptoms are often present as one ages. This condition is complex and can therefore vary in severity and symptoms. Some common symptoms may include  pain, stiffness, decreased motion, and swelling. Less severe cases can be temporary with no permanent effects while more severe cases can be chronic and even life altering. Arthritis is not exclusive to joints only and some arthritis can also effect the kidneys, heart, eyes, lungs, and more. Four common types of arthritis are as listed below;

  • Degenerative Arthritis
  • Inflammatory Arthritis
  • Infectious Arthritis
  • Metabolic Arthritis

What to do

If you suffer from or suspect arthritis may be responsible for some of your symptoms, it’s important to consult your primary care provider. A proper diagnosis detailing the level and degree of your arthritis can be vital to insuring an increased quality of life for yourself. There exists various precautions to help ease your pain and preserve joint mobility. If you have already been diagnosed with arthritis, there exist additional resources to help combat your symptoms for example, exercise and weight management. Arthritis can present itself in all ages and produce varying symptoms, here are some symptoms most commonly associated with arthritis;

  • Stiffness
  • Tenderness
  •  Limited motion
  • Weak grip
  •  Difficulty walking
  • fever,
  • gland swelling
  • weight loss,
  • fatigue,
  • Problems of the lungs, heart, or kidneys.

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