Feet are very important to the body and if they are not taken care it can cause many problems in the future. A good reason to take care of your feet is to avoid bad circulation. If our feet have bad circulation it can cause problems like pain, numbness, tingling, or even fatigue.

Having poor circulation can be painful and even cause numbing sensations overtime. If your feet are in pain or numb this can be challenging to walk or stand. It’s important to see a doctor or healthcare provider to help, but this can tend to be pricey. There are a few natural remedies to help increase blood circulation in your feet that can even be more effective than using pharmaceuticals, but make sure you ask your doctor before starting anything.

One remedy is a medicinal plant called ‘Ginkgo biloba’ and has been used for many years to help blood circulate. The plant contains natural blood thinners that will help to prevent blood clots from clumping together. This will lower the chances of a clot forming in a blood vessel. Blood clots can be dangerous because they can block the flow of blood which can lead to having a stroke.

Another remedy would be to add more garlic to your diet. This is a great way to help your circulatory system. Garlic can actually help manage blood pressure levels and fight off illnesses. If you have bad blood circulation and diabetes this can benefit your body by helping eliminate infections that cause the body to swell or inflame. It can also help lower the amount of glucose in the blood and lower cholesterol levels.

Many trees and shrub species have edible berries that have medicinal qualities to treat circulatory problems. Hawthorn berries can be used to help improve blood circulation throughout the entire body. You can mix these berries with cayenne pepper, garlic, and ginkgo biloba for the best benefits for feet and ankle circulation.

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