Just recently in early 2017 ,we watched as devastating hurricane Irma resulted in 14 elderly fatalities ,therefore it is especially important we keep an extra eye out on our elderly companions as hurricane Dorian approaches. The elderly are especially susceptible to hurricane related deaths and injuries, as they may not have the necessary resources or mobility to best prepare for the impact of these devastating hurricane conditions. The best way to maximize safety in place of a hurricane is to be as prepared as possible in terms of supplies and shelter. One must prepare for the worst and hope for the best in these conditions. Below is a list of extra safety precautions the elderly should take to maximize safety  during a hurricane:

  • Stock up on Medical equipment 

If your senior relies on special medical equipment such as oxygen tanks, catheters, or batteries be sure to have plenty on hand prior to the storm.

  • Sort Medications and Vitamins

It is important to ensure you keep your medications and vitamins sorted and in an accessible place. Ensure they are also easy to access should you lose power and easy to pack should you need to evacuate.

  • Protect Important documents

Have on hand your medical records, emergency contacts, insurance cards, and any other crucial records. It is also wise to enclose your SSN, birth certificate, passport, and any other legal documents in a ziplock bag.

  •  Store up on plenty of water

You definitely do not want to be caught in a hurricane without any drinkable water. Be sure to stock up on multiple gallons of water in case of  extended emergency.

  • Stock up on Non perishable foods

You will also want to ensure your senior has plenty of canned goods and easy to prepare meals on hand. It is best to ensure this food is also vitamin dense and low in sodium content.

  • Emergency Kit

Be sure to prepare an emergency kit containing extra clothing, blankets, flashlights, whistles, and first aid supplies. Ensure your mobile device is charged and that you have access to portable chargers.

In summation, these storms are highly unpredictable and can often result in multiple store and road closures therefore, you will want to ensure you have all necessary supplies to remain comfortable, hydrated, and safe in your own home. If your senior resides in a nursing home be sure to call and ensure the center has an emergency evacuation plan in place, as well as a back up generator in case of a power outage.

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