Do Gyms Cater to Seniors?

The gym is packed with a wide array of all the right tools and machinery for those looking to stay healthy. Even so, regularly attending the gym can be intimidating to many and especially older individuals who have not exercised in a while. In fact, many surveys revealed that most individuals hold off from joining a gym due to fear of judgement. Many either fear exercising in front of a crowd or fear not knowing how to properly utilize the gym equipment. Additionally so, many older individuals have stated that they feel gyms are designed to cater to a younger population, as they are often packed with young individuals and feature loud music. Perhaps you yourself have thought about joining a gym but have shied away for the same reasons. Have you tried working out at home but find you do not have the proper tools to do so? Would a gym be accessible and more beneficial for your overall health goals. If so we are here to help you overcome your gym fears and realize the gym doesn’t have to be so intimidating.

Where do I start?

First we would advise you talk to your doctor about what kinds of exercises an exercise setting would be best for you. If you both agree that the gym is the ideal place for you, give it a try! If you are struggling with gym anxiety and are letting your doubts talk you out of this new exercise environment, try the following:

  • Start slow
  • Find a gym
  • Set goals
  • Know your Limits
  • Recruit a friend

Overcoming Gym Anxiety

After you get the okay from your doctor you will want to find a gym that is accessible to you. Look for gyms near you and then feel free to schedule a tour so you can view see which classes are offered and the overall environment. After you enroll set a weekly or even monthly goal for yourself on how many times you would like to attend. Start with exercises you are familiar and comfortable performing and slowly work your way up. Stay away from utilizing equipment that may cause injury until you are sure on how to properly utilize it. Another great tool to help reduce gym anxiety and remain accountable is to make a gym buddy and establish the same gym schedule. Doing so can help make the gym a more enjoyable experience for you and your friend. Give the following a try and you may even be pleasantly surprised to find that many gyms are in fact senior friendly and ever offer discounts and courses reflecting so.

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