Selective Focus Close-up Photo of Brown Wilson Pigskin Football on Green Grass


With the college football season among us and the NFl 2019 season just around the corner it’s only appropriate we talk all things football. Football predates even back before the 1920’s and for countless years, it has been a great American tradition and pastime. Some of us enjoy playing football while others of us simply enjoy watching from the sidelines or even the comfort of our own homes. Perhaps, you are a bit older now and can recall the glory days where you played football yourself whether it was high school, college, or even professionally. It may seem like those days are long gone but if you still long to get out there and toss that football once more, you may consider Walking football.  Walking football was created in 2011 and is devised to ensure safety and health for people aged 50 and over who love to play football.

Walking football differs from your traditional football in the sense that instead of running you are walking, no tackling allowed, and  played over much shorter distances. There currently exist over 800 walking football clubs and its members range from 50-80 years of age. Just like regular football this game has established rules and regulations and has experienced tremendous support from the community. Walking football provides older men with the opportunity to remain athletic, exercise their hearts,  and socialize with other men who share similar passions. Many elderly men have noted that walking football has helped improve their spirits and has given them something to look forward to again.

Although mostly popular in the U.K if you are in the U.S and would like to play walking football, I would encourage you to start a team of your own. Simple visit the official walking football site, learn the rules, and reach out to other men and women who may be interested. If you live in an assisted living community I would also encourage you to recommend this idea to the head of activities as they can help you put a plan in action.

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