Most seniors would prefer to age in their home or to stay there as long as possible. Having at home care has become extremely popular because it allows seniors to stay in their homes and still receive assistance with their daily functions. 


Even though in home care can change even the dynamics of families it comes with many challenges. One being a shortage of caregivers that have experience in taking care of these seniors. Finding the proper experience with a caregiver in these organizations is tough. Many of the caregivers have all the certifications but do not have a lot of hands on experience of taking care of a senior. On top of that caregivers are only making around minimum wage which leaves a lot of room for them to burnout quickly. There is a pretty decent size turnover on these jobs because it’s not necessarily the easiest job and it takes a certain person to do the job as well.

Many families that have a loved one who needs assistance find it hard to find someone that not only is skilled and qualified but that fits in with their family and develops a special relationship with the person who needs care. It can be hard for some families to invite this type of help into their homes and can even be overwhelming. It’s not just a clock in and clock out type of job caregivers have to build a relationship with their patient and be comfortable with caring for them.

When looking for a caregiver make sure that you do your research and don’t be afraid to ask for a background check. Make sure you look over all their certifications and training to be sure that they are able to handle taking care of you or a loved one.

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