CNA’S & High Turnover

High turnover among long-term care facilities has been a long time issue now. For many years now directors, owners, nurses, and residents have agreed that keeping these facilities properly staffed is a challenge faced by many. Certified nursing assistants are difficult to find and keep however, a top agency stated that going forward this will be a top priority. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services stated that this issue is something they would like to shift their attention towards in the future. Certified nursing assistants represent about 70% of nursing home expenses as they should when they provide 90% of the care provided to most residents.

Tackling the Issue

Fully staffed facilities especially those with more skilled Certified nursing assistants or CNA’s have even been like to a better quality of life amongst its residents. This is why tackling the 129% turnover rate for this group is important. Some professionals feel that the main issue here is the underpayment of this group with many of them making minimum wage without insurance coverage. Some individuals suggest that raising the wages for these skilled workers could help lower their high turnover rates. Individuals like Evan Shulman, director of the Division of Nursing Homes at CMS, recognizes that there are a series of issues contributing to these turnover rates which must all be tackled. Some of these issues include emotional support for workers, pay reform, and hiring competition. Focusing on these issues could be the key to stabilizing and lowering these high turnover rates within this industry.

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