According to a recent study by the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance, premiums for new and approved policies will remain affordable in the new year. In the recent release of the AALTCI’s price index analysis prices have increased slightly but will remain stable for 2019.

The premiums for Long Term Care Insurance are generally based on a persons age and health. Also if a person is wanting to include the costs of any additional riders. These premiums are intended to remain stable and don’t generally increase annually.

According to the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance depending on the benefit levels premiums can possibly range annually for a couple $2,500 or higher. Many people can find coverage for under $100 a month depending on their health condition and age. Long Term Care Partnership policies can provide a dollar for dollar asset protection policy. 45 out of the 50 states offer this.

The best way to see what kind of care or services your state offers start researching and see what is available to you. The best part of the Long-Term Care Insurance costs is that they will be less than the future cost of care services.