The Cold & a Cold

Depending on where you are, chances are this fall has already brought upon cooler temperatures for you. With the cooler temps also often comes an influx of more individuals with cold and flu like symptoms. Decreased vitamin D, temperature drops, and humidity all make for flourishing conditions for certain viruses. Viruses can also live longer in the cold and thus, spread faster from person to person.  Additionally, many allergies can become more prevalent as more allergens are present in the fall. Although viruses are more common during these seasons and in colder temperatures, there are still plenty of efforts you can make to help you stay healthy this season. Some of these precautions are as follows:

Try This

These tips have been proven to helps reduce the chances of getting sick and can also help the body fight off viruses more successfully. Trying some of these tips could help you stay healthy this cold and flu season.

  • Wash Your hands
  • Drink Tea
  • Avoid Sudden temp changes from hot to cold
  • Exercise
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Use a Humidifier at night
  • Get ample protein

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