Staying Safe But Busy

While some stores remain with their doors closed and many individuals continue to practice social distancing, you may be wondering how to fill your free time. You likely want to remain somewhat social while also ensuring safety. You may be thinking of using this time to do at home projects, take on new hobbies, or plan for the future, however you may also be wondering where you can begin to acquire the tools you may need for such. Luckily in today’s digital world there are countless major retailers who offer delivery right to your home however, if you need something sooner this may not be a good option for you. If you need something fast but are hesitant to step into a store there are still options available to you. Some retailers allow you to place an order over the phone or online and pickup curbside without having to step foot into the store.Here are some options for how to occupy your time as well as some of the retailers offering curbside pickup for your convenience:

Home Improvement Projects

Many individuals have found time to finally get around to their long put off home improvement projects. For some, this may be a full kitchen renovation and for others this may be simple landscaping or transforming old furniture. If you have a list of home improvements in mind this may be a good time to tackle them and if you’re wondering where to safely acquire the tools you need you do still have options. Many stores continue to offer online orders and curbside pickups to help minimize your exposure to other individuals. Here are a list of  home improvement store offering curbside pickup and online orders:

Arts & Crafts

A good way to occupy your time at home is to try your hand at some arts and crafts. Handmaid Jewelry, Coloring books, knitting, painting , and other crafts have been shown to reduce stress and improve mood. Chances are you don’t currently have all the tools you need may need right at home however there, are a variety of stores offering curbside to help fulfill your arts and craft needs. Here are just a few of the retailers which should help fulfill some or all of your arts and crafts needs:

 Future Planning

Luckily many projects can be handled without supplies and from the comfort of your own home. Some may use this times to create a budget cheat, file taxes, or even research their long-term care options. Long-term insurance is designed to help shoulder the costs of long-term care and there exists various carriers and policies due to this, selecting a policy can take time. Luckily, your research and the entire long-term care insurance process can be conducted from your own home. You can research various carriers online and even work with a licensed agent who can provide you with further instruction. LTCTREE can help guide you via phone call, email, and even physical mail making it easy for you to safely shop and compare carriers .


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