Pro’s & cons to aging

With age comes new wisdoms and benefits as well as some natural deterioration and losses. One of those losses many aging individuals may experience is a sudden loss of mobility as well as decreased flexibility. For many it may become difficult to do the things that were once effortless at a younger age. This new change can be upsetting and offset a series of negative emotions and consequences for some. Loss of mobility has often been linked to depression as well as other underlying illnesses. Luckily we now have technology as well as plenty of other resources to help keep seniors mobile for longer. Despite immobility for you or a loved one here are some ways to help stay happy and gain back independence as well as some ways to increase mobility naturally.

Natural ways to increase mobility

A common way to work on your mobility and flexibility is through common exercises. Focus on being safe while working on conquering your daily activities and improving flexibility. Stretching is the best way to strengthen muscles and increase flexibility. You will notice that over time your range of motion will increase which may help with mobility when conducting your daily activities. Make sure that you talk to your doctor before you or a loved one embarks on any new exercise routines. Some common practices to help increase mobility include:

  • light weight training
  • yoga
  • water aerobics
  • foam rolling
  • physical therapy

Mobility Aids

If you have permanently lost mobility you may feel discouraged and very dependent on others however, do not become discouraged. There are plenty of useful and convenient mobility aids to help you remain as mobile as possible. Mobility aids are great for helping you move around and while maintaining some independence.  These options allow you a great deal of security while allowing you to move around. If you are looking into a mobile aid, conduct your research and explore what may be the best fit for you. Consider adding home aids to your home such as handle bars or step stools to help you navigate through your home. Common mobility aids to consider:

  •  Canes
  • walkers
  • wheelchairs
  • scooters

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