It is no secret that age can discourage us from engaging in certain physical activities in fact, you may have already declared yourself “too old” to run a marathon or join a recreational sports team. Perhaps, you are afraid you are no longer in an ideal physical state and are fearful you may suffer injury while trying new things. Which brings us to this important question, is surfing safe for seniors? With proper technique and training, we say yes! For many surfers around the world surfing is a lifestyle which allows for a spiritual connection with the ocean and its waves. It is an opportunity to become “one” with the ocean and we see no reason why seniors should have to forgo that opportunity.

Not only is surfing “okay” for seniors to participate in but, it can actually be pretty beneficial to senior health overall, as many seniors state that surfing is a great activity which helps them maintain better physical and mental health. Surfing promotes good health as it requires one to use all of the limbs of the body ,resulting in an average of 400 calories burned per hour. Surfing is also not age inclusive and you are likely to walk onto any surfing beach and see surfers of all ages and backgrounds. Granted, most of the senior surfers you might observe have likely been surfing for years and thus posses developed surfing skills and trained muscles. Nonetheless, seniors can learn to surf for the first time too! Thats right, there are even surf lessons catering specific to first time senior surfers.

Take for example Christian Mondor, a catholic priest who acquired a surf board for his 70th birthday and became a first time surfer then. Even now well into his 80’s, Christian is often referred to as “The Surfing Priest”. If you need more proof that seniors can surf take a look at the Granny Grommets, a group of both experienced and first time surfer women aged over 50. You can find the Granny Grommets surfing up and down the Australian coastal waves on any given day. This goes to show that regardless of age, “surf’s still up”, so if you are over 50 and considering continuing or taking up surfing, go right ahead!

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