Exercise is a great way for seniors to increase their flexibility, improve their heart health, and build stronger muscles however, some exercises may be too strenuous on aging bodies. Swimming is arguably the best form of exercise for seniors, as it allows the elderly to get in better shape without putting immense strain on the body. While swimming is a low impact sport, it provides immense benefits to the swimmer while posing little risk of injury. Seniors can try and incorporate different forms of water exercises into their weekly routines such as water aerobics, regular swimming, water relaxation, and water resistance. When selecting which type of water exercises to incorporate, be sure to select the one that best suits your fitness needs as well as your bodies overall capabilities, found below is an example of the most popular water exercises:

  • Water Aerobics

This exercise is typically offered at most gyms and even public pools. Water aerobics was designed specifically for seniors and may include dancing, walking, and other underwater activities. Water aerobics is great for those who enjoy organized movement and group activities.

  • Regular Swimming

Traditional swimming is easy to accomplish and perhaps the most beneficial form of exercise for seniors. It is best to practice your swimming with a partner or with a life guard on duty. If your swimming technique is lacking you can also sign up for some swimming lessons to help improve your form. This type of water exercise is best for those who enjoy speed and endurance exercises.

  • Water Resistance

This type of water exercise is similar to traditional weight training exercises minus the weights, instead the water serves as the only “resistance” or added weight needed. This typically involves performing curls, leg raises, and other activities under water. This is best suited for those wanting to strengthen and target certain muscles.

  • Water Relaxation

Relaxing in the water is best for those wishing to lower their heart rate, reduce stress, as well as lower their blood pressure. Some of these techniques include aquatic yoga and pilates and are typically performed in a class setting.

All of these forms of aquatic exercise are great for strengthening and improving multiple areas of senior health. These exercises can even help reduce the risk of osteoporosis and boost mental health. Be sure to consult your doctor before starting any new physical activities and have fun improving your quality of life!

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