Technology saves the workplace

As we all pivot to try and find normalcy amidst the Covid-19 virus, it seem technology is at the forefront of helping us stay connected. As we all know, corporate America and all other non essential businesses have shifted to remote work with employees logging on and communicating via emails, Skype, and Zoom. These methods seem to be working for many and comply directly with the shelter in place guidelines enforced by our government. Technology is currently fueling the opportunity for many individuals to remain employed and some business to stay afloat. Additionally, technology is also playing an even greater role in helping individuals socializes virtually while following social distancing guidelines. This has been especially useful to the elderly population as they battle extended isolation periods in an effort to remain safe.

Technology saves social gatherings

Many younger individuals are participating in virtual group happy hours, fitness classes, and social sessions to help ease any loneliness they may be feeling. Doing so has been particularly easy as the younger population tends to posses a vast knowledge when it comes to understanding tech. Additionally many tech companies have found ways to extend their offering to accommodate this new normal of shelter in place. Church services are streaming online worships, gyms are hosting virtual fitness classes, and Netflix party allows you the ability to share a movie night with your friends from you own homes. Still many older Americans lack the knowledge to navigate these online services and take advantage of the virtual meetings taking place however, certain organizations are helping remedy this. The Himan Brown Senior Program, is committed to providing online educational classes and virtual social hours for the elderly community.

Technology helps the elderly

These classes feature courses on how to navigate the internet, utilize smart phones, and decode various technological platforms. Classes like these can be especially useful for seniors practicing strict social distancing guidelines. This type of support can help seniors in quarantine remain socially active, particularly those quarantined alone who would other haver very limited interaction with the outside world. If you have elderly friends or family you are concerned about consider reaching out to them via FaceTime as opposed to an audio only call. Finding ways to include Grandma and Grandpa in your virtual hangout may also be a helpful distraction for them. Practice cautionary guidelines and stay safe and stay connected to those you love.

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