Social Distancing

Many elderly individuals who are confined to their homes in the midst of the recent coronavirus crisis are fearful they will not be able to properly care for themselves.

With the numbers for those diganosed with the novel coronavirus on the steady rise, the dangers to its effects on the elderly population seem to be an increasing concern for many. As it has been identified, seniors and individuals with underlying conditions are especially vulnerable and even risk  fatality related to Coronavirus. It has been advised by many health officials that the elderly take extra precautions and practice social distancing. Some cities have even declared in home mandatory quarantines and thus, many individuals have decided to self quarantine in order to minimize exposure to others.

Doing so, has left many senior individuals concerned with how to obtain their groceries, keep their homes tidy, and even obtain common household toiletries like toilet paper. Due to the uncertainty of this virus and how unpredictable this epidemic is, fear has struck many age groups. Many individuals have already rushed to grocery stores and other retailers to stock up on foods and other necessities. Due to the sudden surge in shoppers and bulk buyers many retailers are facing a shortage of supplies. Shopping lines are out the door and many aisles emptied out.

Long-term Care Solution

This situation has left many elderly individuals feeling uneasy about their level of preparedness amidst the Coronavirus. Not only are many of them already facing limited mobility getting to and from the grocery stores, but many of them are also now fearful to leave their homes and risk exposure. We are hearing several stories of strangers committing acts of kindness when offering to shop for worried seniors and those fearful to leave their vehicles and enter the masses. Luckily, some elderly individuals will have friends and family who live near by and are able to check on them especially during times of crisis. Others belong to long-term care facilities or have in home care providers who have been able to help keep them safe and offer additional assistance.

Times of Need

However, the unfortunate reality is that, many others who normally fair just fine, do not currently have family nearby, a spouse, or other additional resources . This has made times like this and the weeks to follow increasingly difficult. Around the world we are hearing more and more seniors recount, not being able to find a carton of milk or bread in their nearest grocery store. Many of which state they feel unprepared and unprotected should the situation worsen. If you have elderly friends or family, right now would be a great time to reach out and ensure they have a secure plan in place for this particular crisis and any to follow. Consider reaching our to your elderly neighbors as well, as they may not have any friends or family nearby. If you are unable to care for a loved one right now, consider looking into in home care and how they could benefit  from such now and moving forward.

In times like this it is best to avoid panic and replace such with planning and consideration. If you or someone you love is interested in Long Term Care or Long Term Care Insurance be sure to visit: LTC TREE for more information.