fruits and vegetables

Food matters

A healthy diet can be integral to your overall health at any age however, as you age your diet may become increasingly important. With age, our bodies can begin a natural deterioration process from our brains to our muscles, we must ensure that we take the necessary measures to supply our bodies with the added nutrients it now requires. Most of those nutrients can be found in our daily foods and with the help of your dietician, you can learn exactly which foods are most ideal for your body. At certain stages of life our dietary needs may vary for example, with age your metabolism will begin to slow. In order to counter your slower metabolism you will want to focus on consuming the appropriate balance of macronutrients. This can be achieved through a simple calculation of grams of protein, fat, and carbohydrates as recommended by your doctor.

Tracking is easy

Once you have calculated your macros keeping track of them each day is fairly simple. In fact, all you really need to track your daily macronutrients is a simple food scale, journal, and/or smartphone. The food scale will help you measure out your food in weight, the journal will help you record your numbers, and your smartphone can help simplify all of the above. Your dietician or doctor can provide you with a recommended daily eating schedule that can detail your foods to the ounces. You can then simply place your foods on the food scale and voila, you’ve started calculating your macros! Doing so can help you ensure you are receiving your recommended daily nutrients as well as avoid overeating.

Free Apps

Using free apps like MyFitnessPal available on your smartphone can also be extremely helpful when tracking your macronutrients. Apps likes these can help you customize your daily goals and track them on your phone. This app even includes features which allow you to scan your store brand foods directly via the barcode on the packaging. After scanning all of your foods nutrients will be imported into your daily macronutrients diary. This app can also make daily recommendations based on your individual age, height, weight, and goals. Using this information the app will make recommendations for your daily caloric amount and distribution of macronutrients.

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